Osprey Watch at Kailzie Gardens

Kailzie Gardens is a major partner in the highly successful Tweed Valley Osprey Project, alongside the Forestry Commission Scotland.

This project has helped attract and protect these rare and beautiful birds of the prey in the Borders after an absence of more than 100 years. For these specialist fish hunting raptors our quiet forests, lochs and rivers are ideal habitat.

Friends of Kailzie Wildlife Group is a community organisation whose objective is to develop and create opportunities for the wider public to discover wildlife in the local environment through recreation, heritage, wildlife interpretation and educational facilities.

These birds are now well established in the Tweed Valley Forest Park, and in 2008 the Ospreys had their most successful breeding season ever in our area with a total of 18 chicks born to 8 breeding pairs.

The centre is currently closed while we are busy reimagining our Osprey and nature viewing facilities – we have some exciting plans!